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Since 1992 OSS Software GmbH offers customer orientated IT-consulting. From the very beginning a permanent development, together with the highest standards in our work's quality were our aim. For the past 20 years every new project is a chance to become even better. With every new experience we bring us and thereby our customers a more forward.

Our head office and primary field of operation are situated in Germany, but we also have a reputation in international projects. It is our philsophy to be as close to the customer as possible, but nevertheless keep our view on the great lines of development in the fields we work in.

close to you

close â?? but not too close

OSS keeps your back free, so that you have more time and energy for your key businesses. For the projecttime our consutants become a part of your company and work competent and comittetd alongside your employees.


After the project ends your personnel will have been enabled by intensive training to administer the correspondant system by themselves and your are completely independent again.

This is the way you can benefit from the efficiency and objectivity of our experts. As external specialists we are extremely close to your project, but keeping enough distance to take an open minded look, analyse and operate independently. Together with your employees we form an unbeatable team.


ready for you

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