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Compliance gains more and more importance in the digital world. Know your customer, but also the managebility of products are among the most important keywords in this field. For the latter, OSS has brought up oss-dac a special product.


Not only financial service provider are dealing with this topic. Compliance is an ever growing field as every year more requirements are issued by the legislative authorities that in some cases have to be met with short notice. To keep pace with this development there is a need for reliable, innovative solutions conforming to the law.


It is also important to have personnel that is qualified and trained to help your company to comply with all these legal challenges. OSS has much know how, especially in the finance sector, from which you may profit.

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With OSS-DAC we offer you a software-solutions that gives you the required safety when developing new products and entering new markets. The document and approval center helps you to cope with the requirements of German BaFin-Anforderung MaRisk AT8 or any similar demand in an audit-proof way.



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