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Get along with even the most complex of requirements for IT systems. Establish an efficient systems management with the help of OSS.


Benefit from our platform- and product-independent consulting, which will only recommend those components that actually meet your demand. Together we work out a detailed analysis of your IT systems at the very beginning. From there ongoing we will develop fitting IT management strategies, beginning from the architectural questions to the selection of appropriate tools.


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IT strategy & architecture:


  • Analysis of complex, developed structures & systems
  • Development of a modern, forward-looking IT strategy & architecture in accordance with the requirements of the business processes
  • Review & restructuring of IT organizational structure
  • Efficiency study of the organizational structure
  • Development of a logically clean, flexible customized organizational structure & definition of tasks for organizational units

Analysis & Improvement of your IT processes:

  • Adaptation of existing or standardized processes to specific needs
  • Automation of processes for flow control
  • Analysis & Consulting for the reduction and distribution of IT costs
  • Profitability analysis of the IT areas
  • Optimization of IT & assembly process organization in consolidating sites
  • Reorient or standardization of systems and processes
  • Creation of incentives for cost savings