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systems operations

systems operations

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Reliable system operation is the basis for your applications, databases and platforms. with our know how and our experience a stable system becomes an impliciteness!

No matter if you are looking for backup during a project-phase or want to completely outsource your system operation - we run your system according to your individual conception. In cooperation with you we identify the need and adopt the extent of our service. According to your requirement either our team of experts will run your systems operation single-handedly or we support your team with specialised know how. Learn more about how we work here



These are the tasks we gladly take over for you:


  • systemadministration and maintenance of UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms
  • systemadministration and maintenance of Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix and MySQL databases
  • systemadministration and maintenance of high availability clusters on AIX (HACMP) and Solaris (HA, ODS4, Veritas)
  • takeover of installation and configuration tasks for platforms, databeses and appplicataions
  • 1st and 2nd level support

Make use of our special know how!


One of our main fucuses is on tradings systems for financial products. Therefore our experts have the deepest knowledege in this patricular field. Another scope of OSS is the Tivoli environment for systems management. Benefit from our log years of experience.


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You are looking for support in your systems operations or have got general questions on this topic?


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our services

Consulting on IT-strategies & architecture:

  • analysis of complex and grown structures and systems
  • development of a modern and sustainable IT structures and systems according to the requirements of your business processes
  • survey and restrctioning of your IT-organisation
  • efficiency check-up of your organisational structure 
  • development of a clean and felxible organisational structure together with the definition of tasks for every organisational unit

analysis & optimisation of the IT processes:

  • adaption of present or standardised processes to special requirements
  • automatisation of processes for workflows
  • analysis and consulting to reduce IT costs